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Thread: Going for dollies on Turner Lake, suggestions

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    Question Going for dollies on Turner Lake, suggestions

    Hi everyone!

    My buddy and I are finally visiting for our annual camping trip. Hopefully Alaska will be our new go-to destination. We managed to reserve the FS cabin at the west end. We are both pretty green -- he fishes cats in Illinois and I haven't fished since I left Minnesota 20 years ago. Miss those walleye.

    We're hoping to score some dollies for eating and cutthroat for fun but a bit confused about the regs there. He called a ranger but didn't get much info. We are trying again soon but getting nervous we will either run afoul of the authorities or worse yet: not catch anything.

    I was planning to use imitation salmon eggs with bait hooks and a spinner but he thinks we can't even use soft baits. If that's true I'm guessing we need to go with sinking flies. Any suggestions here?

    I realize bait/lure recommendations can be touchy subject, hopefully I'm not stepping on toes.

    Thanks for reading this,


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    Will you have a motor? If not you'll be rowing. Focus on the streams. No softbaits; my understanding there is it's considered a bait cause they have scents. Mepps or Panther Martin spinners/spoons will work. Have a wide range and change frequently. Fly fishing is the best. The cutts are big in there, but we always go for the East end of the lake.

    Be heads up fishing the outlet, I'm sure there will be salmon in there and bears around.

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    If you want an interrpertation on regs, you need to contact the near-by trooper station.

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