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Thread: Portland Canal near Hyder, info wanted for leaving AK

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    Default Portland Canal near Hyder, info wanted for leaving AK

    I'm getting ready to leave AK after 10 years, I guess I'm lucky the military blessed me with this much time up here.

    I searched here for info regarding fishing the Portland canal but didn't find what I was looking for. I'm interested in fishing, particularly for large chums, from the area as I pass through. If any of you have fishing info for the area or other destinations of fishing interest please pass them along. I'm traveling the Cassiar and Yellowhead Hwy to the Sea to Sky Hwy above Vancouver. Help a fella out making a few more memories as I leave this special place behind. Thanks

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    Used to live in Stewart, was there three years ago for a visit. As I recall.....repeat recall...... No boat ramp but I never had much trouble with my runabout getting in and out. Maybe a boat ramp there now. no marina, there is good little dock to tie up your boat.

    The place is beautiful.....check out Fish Creek for chums and bears.

    There is much glacial water going in at the east end. We caught many salmon there but had to go "down the chuck" several miles to find good salmon fishing. The chuck is not renowned for halibut, but there was a native there that would go out, days at a time, and come back with boatload. Water is usually calm in the chuck unless the wind blows right up it. Can get very choppy and tough in smaller boat.

    As. I recall, September is when the chums are in the creek, you can check that. I tried to catch chums in the creek and never got one to bite. Sure easy to snag though. Ugly things though.




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