For those of you taking advantage of that second peak that appears to be hitting the Kenai River right now, I wanted to drop a note in here regarding having your fish commercially packed for a pretty good price.

I found two places that use chamber vacuum sealers with heavy-duty commercial bags;

1. Snug Harbor Seafoods. These guys are a commercial fish processor and they do vacuum sealing for dip netters (or really anyone). The manager is a forum member. They are at Mile 14.5 K-Beach Road. Phone number is 1 (907) 283-6122 x 244. I don't know their prices, but it looks like they have it dialed in pretty good and were taking care of a lot of dippers.

2. Echo Lake Locker. These guys do a great job and the price is right. If you fillet and chunk up your own fish into portion-sized pieces (in other words, if they don't have to touch a knife to your fish), they do sealing and freezing for 75 cents a pound. I haven't found a better rate anywhere. They will also fillet for you, but it costs more. And they offer flash-freezing. Finally, they have some great sausages, meats and even cheese dip and such to make your extended stay all the better.

Of course with either of these options, you need to remain in the area another day or so (so the fish can freeze), but if you're working on a limit and only have a partial load from your first day, you might swing by so you don't leave those fish languishing in your cooler (and possibly spoiling). Using a local processor could give you the ability to remain in the area long enough to get the fish you need, rather than having to go home just because your fish need to get into the freezer.