This product is the latest gear to protect your digital SLR. It makes every camera rugged enough for use in the field.

Camera Armor
Camera Armor is a line of elastomeric silicone rubber jackets similar to the "ipod skin." Its snug fit will cover up all of the important parts of your Digital SLR camera to protect it from impact, abrasion, dust and fingerprints without sacrificing any necessary camera functions or adding too much additional weight (6.3 oz.) Camera Armor is ready for action and uniquely designed so that all of the camera controls and access ports are completely functional and accessible without taking the camera out of the jacket. For maximum protection, Camera Armor comes equipped with a lens protector and lens cap lanyard as well as a clear polycarbonate LCD screen cover. Currently Camera Armor is available for the Canon 30D, Nikon D70, + others

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