One of my favorite soft baits are the Boneyard Bait 9" and 12" shads. I've fished them in various colors over the years and given them to friends and the typical results are lots of nice fish. Well this year I found a new color combo and rigged some up. Not sure if my friend had the hot rod or hot lure that day but he caught the majority of fish and was pretty happy with his halibut, lingcod and yellow eye.

(Trust me, he's really smiling.)

But as all good things must come to an end, this is what shad looked like after too many teathy fish had had their way with it.

Yeah, they're only a few bucks and this one had caught more than enough fish to pay for itself, but out of either cheapness, thriftiness or just hmm I wonder if... I decided to try and bring it back from the dead. So I lopped a section off the front of it.

And using a propane torch (lighter would work as well and probably better) melted on a new tail

Next time I'll lop off a larger section of the front as the factory shads have a good size chunk of rubber back there. I haven't had a chance to fish the repaired jig yet so no comment on how the repaired one functions.

Something to consider for those times where you can't just resupply or are trying to get a few more fish out of a favorite soft bait. The heat it and melt it can also be used for grub tails if you fix em before the tail is completely chewed off. But I've heard of a guide using tail-less grubs with bit of salmon or halibut belly so another option to keep in mind.