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    Have a hankering to get a 458 Lott built. Absolutely no justification or real reason, just "because". I have 3 potential donors for the action: Enfield currently part of a 300 Wby; Win Model 70 classic currently in 375, and Mauser currently in 375.

    Any thoughts on which action would be the best starting point? the Mauser 375 is probably my least desired to modify as it was what I took my first 'bou with oh so many years ago.

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    I've had two 458 lotts, first had been built on an enfield, the second a mauser. The thing with the lott, any cartridge really, is the mag and feed rails should be properly shaped for the round to feed 100%. On the enfield which I don't know who built, it needed a fair bit of work on the rails to get 100% feeding. The other thing is there is no aftermarket bottom metal for the enfield so it's going to be a custom proposition. To my way of thinking, if you're going to the trouble and expense of building a custom on an enfield, take advantage of the massive action and go with a 500 A-square or some other truly massive round.

    So I'd lean towards the Mdl 70. The action and mag are already setup for a 375 length and dia round and shouldn't take too much tweaking for 100% reliability.

    The lotts a great round and very vesatile. With 350 gr speers or hornadies and RL7 you can load it to 375 H&H recoil levels and plenty of gun for all AK game. Loaded to the gills with 500gr pills, you'll likely find its a recoil threshold where it takes a whole nother level of concentration when shooting it. Don't try and make it too light, a little bit of weight is a good thing on a lott. My first one had a very light contour barrel and weighed as I recall 8 1/2 pounds and even with the muzzle break was a lively gun to shoot. The second one was built with a Ruger #1 458 take off barrel that the smith cut 2" off the breach and as I recall the gun was a bit over 10#'s and un-braked. While a 10+ pound rifle isn't too fun to tote, it sure was much more enjoyable to shoot!
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