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Thread: I don't know what to do

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    Default I don't know what to do

    Guy's & Gals, I didn't do my research before i dropped my animal off to some taxidermist (I'm holding off on dropping the name of his business for now). I got referred to him by a work buddy, and saw he had some decent rates. I asked him to clean a skull and tan a hide for me, paid a deposit and left......easy right? Well 6 months later I give him a call and he said I never gave him my bear. So I get a copy of my sealing paperwork from ADFG, print out some bank statements and locate my receipt..... he still can't find any record of me, or my bear coming into his shop. 3 weeks and 7 phone calls later I decide to go and talk to him in person. It turned out that he found my skull. So he hands me the skull, takes my old receipt, and writes me a new one with the remaining balance on it. He tells me that the fur will be done in 2 weeks. "Sweet!!!!" I say, and walk out the door. Well that was 3 months ago. Since then he has pushed back the completion date 4 times. He keeps on claiming that the fur is still at the tannery. The only way I can get him to talk to me is to either call from a buddies phone, or show up on his door step. He will not answer my calls or return my voice mails. I'm afraid I will never get my bear, I think that he thinks that I am some stupid kid that will just go away. What would you guys do? Has anyone here had similar experiences? This bear is not the biggest bear, but its the result of some of the hardest work I have ever done. I would love to be able to get him back.

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    Here is the way to take care of this.

    Walk in his shop with all of your paperwork in your hand. ( DO NOT GIVE HIM YOUR PAPERWORK )

    Tell him that this has gotten WAY out of hand & you want your Bear skin back right now !!

    If he has any Ethics at all he will hand you the skin.

    If he refuses, go STRAIGHT to the court house & file a Small claims action against him to get your skin & 1/2 of your deposit back.

    That will cover the cleaning of the bear skull & his fleshing the bear.

    If the bear is in the pickle ,or tan, Tell him to take it out, put it in a plastic bag & head straight to either anouther ( REPUTABLE TAXIDERMIST ) & have them finish the proccess OR, Put the skin in the freezer AS IS until you can find someone that will do it.

    Wont hurt it in ANY way.

    If he is being unscrupulous DO NOT PUT UP WITH IT !!

    If he gives you anouther promissed completion date, make him sign a statement that says if it is not done at that time you get your bear skin & ALL of your deposit back.

    The skin Still belongs to you & he has substantial payment for services rendered.

    This is the LEGAL way to take care of it.

    RJ Simington
    PRO Taxidermy Fairbanks
    907 322 0936

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