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Thread: Did you lose a knife on the South Beach of the Kenai?

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    Default Did you lose a knife on the South Beach of the Kenai?

    Morning tide of July 21st I was dipping out across the muddy sandbar that was being exposed as the tide was going out on the south beach. As there wasn't any dang fish coming in, I started the long trek back across the mud flat and saw a knife handle sticking out of the mud. I know a few of the knives I own have a lot of sentimental value, so I figured it would be the right thing to do to at least post about it here. If you lost a knife, describe it to me, and we'll get er' back to ya!
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    Not my knife but I sure appreciate folks with integrity, Thanks for doing the right thing!

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    Indeed......Kudos to you sir...!!!
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    I was also down on the Kenai on the 21st and just so happen to loose my knife. Well this is a long shot but would this knife happen to be an orange handled cutco fillet knife? If so I thank you in advance and if not I hope it finds it way back to its owner. Thank you for trying to find the owner of this knife.

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    Bummer, but no, its not a Cutco. Those cutco fillet knives are pretty sweet tho, that sucks it came up missin'
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