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Thread: Just a little info on 40 mile herd

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    Default Just a little info on 40 mile herd

    I was just thinking about a Bou hunt next year north of Tok . I"ve never hunted this herd and was wondering if anyone may have hunted off the Taylor Hiway or other roads in the area for access? I'm planning on useing horses and wanted to know how far back in this area a person would need to travel? I'm not looking for specific locations just a general idea if you think its possible. I know most people fly in to this area to hunt but just thought I would like to try this once.Also what time of year would be best? Less bugs ect. Thanks in advance for any info. Ron.

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    Hunting the 40 mile herd on the Taylor is a registration hunt only, RC860 starts the end of Aug and RC867 starts the beginning of Dec. The early hunt usually closes within a few days of opening because the quota is met. The late hunt would have to be done by snow machine. Its a pretty accessible hunt and hundreds of hunters will be on the Taylor for the early hunt. It appears that the late hunt is resident only. Attachment 72400
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    After reading regs carefully, you are going to find that caribou hunting from the road system is going to be very limited for non-residents. The primary exception is the haul road north of Fairbanks.


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