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Thread: Explitive Explitive, Need some advice for Peterson Creek Steelhead

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    Default Explitive Explitive, Need some advice for Peterson Creek Steelhead

    Now I know most of the spots on Peterson Creek are well guarded, but I have, through pure dumb luck, fished everything from the salt chuck to about 1 1/2 miles past the highway bridge, over the past three weeks, looking for steelhead but cant seem to find even a decent hole for them. I see them rolling in the salt chuck, but want a good place to fish em up stream. Anyone have a general area that might be worthy? Spots or areas will be held in the strictest confidence and an open seat on my boat will available for you anytime I go out for info on locating them. Any related PM's very welcome.

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    We used to catch them in the salt chuck. Low and slow with a wabbler like a Krokodile. - But, that was years and years ago.

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    well theres about 20 between the falls and the saltchuck, ie not very many fish. Water is still way to high to fish the canyon. Once they decide its time to spawn you will see them upstream but then again they are spawning. Try fishing the saltchuck by the reversable falls very very deep. Better yet take a boat to admriaty creek or bear creek.
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