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Thread: And you thought alaska flying was dangerous.

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    Default And you thought alaska flying was dangerous.

    Cub brought down in Argentina by gunfire and something else... We need a translator here...
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    Sáenz PEÑA (Agency) - the Chaco police works to determine the reasons why strangers would have attacked a small plane in the rural area of Napenay, causing serious injury to the pilot of the aircraft. On the afternoon of last Friday, strangers would have launched from Earth a BOLAS of wire that struck the helices of the aircraft which at that time was flying at low altitude, causing serious difficulties to result in a landing.

    (copied from Spainish translation site)...I am not fluent in espanol

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    Using google translate it talks of a "wire rounder" perhaps shot from a shotgun. My first thought was some sort of bolo round.

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    Article translation - Confused incident with an airplane pilot left seriously injured in rural Napenay

    SAENZ PEÑA (Agency) - Chaco Police working to identify unknown reasons why allegedly attacked a plane in rural Napenay, seriously injuring the pilot of the aircraft. In last Friday afternoon, strangers have launched from land one wire rounder hit airplane propellers at that time was flying at low altitude, causing serious difficulties to cause a landing.

    July 20, 2013

    SAENZ PEÑA, Agency - Michael Alexis Videnoff, Cessna pilot LV-NJW, is in intensive care after being hit by gun shots, wounding him seriously, as seen on the door of the plane ..

    But worst of all occurred under these conditions, the attackers fired shots from firearms that have impacted on the body of Michael Alexis Videnoff young driver, 24-year-old, who until yesterday was hospitalized in intensive care at a hospital of the city, but out of danger as no vital organs pledged as appropriated yesterday. NORTH was in the scene, in the area of ​​jurisdiction of Napenay Lot 26, along with staff and Scientific Research Office.

    The small-sized aircraft, flying at low altitude and piloted by a young fan, was attacked by the wire rounder ..

    Early indications speak of "mischief" in terms of "rounder", but did not explain the reasons for the alleged bullets that another line of research, which will fall on the federal research tax, prefers to keep silent and advancing other hypotheses to dismiss conjectures, and above all, establish the reasons for this attack.

    "They are shot, can be of shotguns," said Commissioner NORTH Police Inspector Jose Escalante Chaco. Also, it was learned that a miracle the plane could be landed by the passenger, Walter Daniel Wasinger, he could help his friend to drop without colliding with existing mount curtain in the field.

    Impressive amount of blood was seen in the plane, in a cause that will be investigated by the Federal Court. There is much confusion and at least three hypotheses about the case, but none match each other ..

    However, research suggests that source would have been a plane crash, as they found themselves cut power lines and light poles bent in the area where the incident occurred, and there is a neighbor who claims to have suffered the cut power supply at sunset after hearing the plane impact "on something", and claims not to have heard gun shots. In the area, residents say "no place in hunting."

    The flight was part of a practice that had been doing youth and amateur, are known in the city as members of families linked with local work and appreciated by people.

    The first report

    The first report made by the police yesterday morning to NORTH stated that it is a small-sized Piper plane that was hit by a wire rounder launched from the ground, and then shot dead, time that was hit by gunfire on pilot, who is admitted to a clinic in the middle but out of danger.

    The unusual incident occurred Napenay area, located about 12 kilometers from Sáenz Peña on National Route 16, when the Friday around 19 the plane was hit by a "rounder" Wire in the propellers, so he had make an emergency landing, but in the midst of this attempt, unidentified men attacked with bullets, the product of which the pilot, Michael Alexis Videnoff, was wounded in the head and arm.

    The pilot, although it would be out of danger, was the one who took the brunt because of the bullet holes had significant blood loss. The plane is a Piper registration LV-NJW, and as noted, the pilot was flying "to complete hours", since it is an amateur.

    Intervention took the fact police stations in the towns of Avia Terai and Napenay, and yesterday the cabinet scientist Chaco Judiciary lifting tasks performed tests, with inspectors of Aeronautics.
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    Sounds a little like flying the Alaska Railroad ROW between Willow and Talkeetna a few years ago ....................


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