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Thread: Looking for a Winchester 94 stock

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    Default Looking for a Winchester 94 stock

    Looking for a nice condition replacement stock for a Winchester model 94....have seen some on line, but was hoping to spend my money locally, and honestly for a little bit less than the high dollar fetchers on epay. I'm guessing this might be fairly common and someone might have one laying around in their shop. If anyone has one give me a call at 244-0036 (or text). Thanks, Chris...

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    Not as common as you’d think. They are the most common thing to fail (brake, crack, split, or be all hacked up by some bubba) on a 94 so good used are hard to come by. Here is your best bet (note that pre and post 64 are different and this link is to pre 64)
    On the web=
    Call/Text 602-315-2406
    Phoenix Arizona


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