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Thread: Kenai river back channel danger?

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    Default Kenai river back channel danger?

    I am floating from sportsman to skilak next week and i keep hearing about this back channel between river mile 72-73. I have only floated the section from the ferry to jims once so i am going with a friend that has more experience than me and he says he usually takes a back channel that exits across from jim's landing. Is this the channel that everyone says people should avoid? I cant find a good map with the river miles listed to try and determine this myself. I will have the wife and kids so i dont want to take any unnecessary risks until i get more comfortable with the river.

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    That is not the channel. You will be fine in that channel. The entry is tight but it opens wide and is a nice float
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    Thanks for the reply hopefully all goes well and the kids slay the fish.


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