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Thread: parks highway anyone?

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    Default parks highway anyone?

    Wondering if anyone been out of the parks highway to fish lately? Managed to get some time off work and was going to head to kenai but decided for something with a little more solitude. I plan on camping and hitting a dif river each day, was thinking byers Montana willow and maybe something more. I'll be wade fishing and was curious if anyone had some tips or info. What would be some go to flies for those rivers this time of year for trout and the salmon that are in there?

    If anyone would like to meet up it'd be nice to fish with someone along the way. I'll be down wed-sun


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    Fished Montana today. Chums, Pinks, and Kings. Of course the Kings are off limits, but it is nice to see them in the river. One of my fishing partners hooked into a rainbow while we were chasing chums up and down river. Hairy leech pattern with bead head seems to work well for chums. Pink and black was working well today. I have fished bows in Montana a lot. We did not specifically target bows today. We went to catch chums and that we did. Flesh and beads have worked well for bows in Montana in the past.

    I would fish with you but I'm taking my daughter on a float trip before she leaves for college and will not be around this coming weekend. Looking forward to this trip before she leaves.


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