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Thread: Driving to the border...

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    Default Driving to the border...

    Ok so my brother is moving to AK and I'm driving to meet him. He's leaving Ohio the end of July beginning of August and I was hoping to get some places to stop and try and harvest a black bear. Because I'm not 100% sure when he will hit AK, I'm not sure what other animals I might have a chance at getting in my freezer. I am looking at making this a fun time with plenty to see and if I'm lucky some fishin and some black bear huntin!
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    I just drove that trip last month. I recall seeing lots of black bears on the road side grazing. There is something in the grass-some weed, herb, flower, or something that the bears like. I saw them mostly in the evenings. I saw a lot more on the Canada side though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FL2AK-Old Town View Post
    ...There is something in the grass-some weed, herb, flower, or something that the bears like...
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