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Thread: Picking up my brother at AK/Canada border, looking at fishing on way...

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    Default Picking up my brother at AK/Canada border, looking at fishing on way...

    So I have never been past delta (buffalo hunting), but will be heading out to meet my brother soon. Gonna meet him at the border and would like some hot spots to fish on the way. It is gonna have to be accessible via road or a short hike. I will be alone on the way down but back I'll have my brother. I'm not looking at catching tons of fish to bring back, but would be nice. I'll be bringing my road angler book and hunting and fishing gear. If anyone can give me a starting point it would be great. Kinda want to enjoy this, since my brother is moving to Alaska and all!!
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    this has been years ago so dont know if its still good fishing but when I was in the military we used to go up in the summer and help with vehicle inspections about half way between the two borders if your going to the Canada side on the right there is a creek if I remember right you walk off the road go down a hill its not a big creek but use to just be filled with grayling hope this helps. Chris
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