I'm reposting/editing the following comment I made in another member's similar thread. After a week, I didn't get any response at all. (That may be because I'm way out in left field and, of so, just say so.)

Is it possible to float hunt the DC483 area (Slightly north of Denali Hwy to Slightly south of the Glenn, from west of Paxson, to east of the Richrdson and north of the Tok Cut-Off) with a 15' Grumman Sport Boat and a 4 hp outboard/oars/and canoe paddles?

I know little of the area (beyond fishing Tangle Lake last year) and less than nothing of the area lakes and rivers. I'd really like to use my Sport Boat because I don't own a 4 wheeler or other motorized ATV. I grew up on the water and am a competent small boat handler, but I don't have any whitewater experience.

Anyway, I've been looking at maps of the DC483 area, and Fish and Game collar studies of Caribou migrations in the area, and it seems like there are several rivers/waterways that might be good transportation corridors in, through, and out of the DC483 area, but I don't know which, if any, are navigable for a boat like mine.

The Gulkana West Fork looks like a good way to go west into the middle of the area, at least until it gets into those crazy oxbows. Twelve Mile Creek. Then there are all of those Tangle Lakes, especially for going south-my map shows rapids going north and my boat is too heavy to portage. There seems to be a lot of north south rivers on the east side of the Richardson and north of the Tok Cut-off, too.

Has anybody done this and done it in a boat like mine, or am I just barking up the wrong tree?

PS: I plan to ptarmagain hunt Tangle Lakes in Aug. Looking at the maps, with all that water, I wonder if it's good duck hunting, too. Maybe I'll wait until Sept. and plan a kind of Caribou/Waterfowl/Upland Bird/Fishing trip out of this.

I'm working with pretty old maps (National Geographic Topo! Alaska Software). They show the Trans-Alaska Pipeline with a notation "under construction."