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Thread: Six Mile Creek outfitters

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    Default Six Mile Creek outfitters

    I tried to find out if a post of this nature has been posted before, but I couldn't find one, so I'd like to ask for some outfitters that run the Six Mile Creek. Some friends are coming up this summer, and we'd like to float the 3 canyons. I found Kenana Raft Adventures, as well as Nova, but are there many more? If you know of any, please let me know.
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    Chugach Outdoor Center:
    Nenana Raft Adventures:
    Chugach Adventure Guides / DBA: Class V Whitewater:

    There were some other occasional guides on Sixmile, but as far as I know this is the current list.

    Meanwhile you can check out my Sixmile rafters guide:
    Or a few of my Sixmile photos:

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    Default Six Mile

    Good stuff Jim..
    We send groups out to six mile all the time during the summer and most all come back with great reports. The list Jim put out there is correct and have good reputations.
    Six mile is a serious place and more than a few have underestimated the power of hydrolics. I remember back in the early 1990's a couple of guys from the lower 48 were transfered up here with the Fred Meyer's company. They were both managers and had families. they bought a couple of Coleman Scanoes from their store in Anchorage and went directly down to just above the Hope cut off and paddled down Six mile...
    their wives became widows and their babies became fatherless in less than an hour. One of the fellows body was recovered, but the second guy was never found. I tell this not to scare anyone from going down six mile or any other navagble water, but to remind ourselves to do proper planning and use the resources available on Alaska water ways..
    This site alone is a great resource of knowledge. I can not say enough about all the great posters here that share the wealth of experience.
    Thanks to all of you that love Rafting and floating moving water and have cared to share your experiences.
    Yes sometimes we have diverse thoughts on what equipment is the best for the job. Sometimes it gets a little lively and some passion shows up when it comes to Brand name etc. but at the end of the day, We all desire that everybody has a safe and enjoyable experience on the River.
    Thanks again to all you Members that care and share.
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