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    Prepping for my flyout caribou hunt with 40 Mile Air in late August. My partner has an overnight flight the day we're driving to Tok, so we'll need to check his rifle in Tok (I''m coming into AK a few days early to visit my family and get groceries, so I'll check mine in ANC before we head for Tok).

    We're driving to Tok on a Tuesday, so I wanted to check:
    - days/hours that the rifle range is open
    - the location (have only heard it's North of Tok)
    - cost/checkin process for non-members
    - any other tidbits I should know

    Thanks in advance, hope the summer heat isn't too bad this year!


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    My information is a little dated, the rifle range is north of Tok about 5 miles on the right. There was no one there and no way of paying so I would say it is free.


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