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Thread: Backpacking from Portage to Knik Glacier

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    Default Backpacking from Portage to Knik Glacier

    Has anyone ever done this? Originally, I just wanted to get to George Lake. I am thinking of trying to traverse through the Chugach Mtns, starting at Portage Glacier and ending up at the Knik Glacier. I know there isn't a trail, but it looks like it's possble to stay in river valleys most of the way. Also, if anyone is interested in going, let me know.

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    I might be interested. I fly that route all the time when I'm taking friends and family flightseeing, and I've often looked down and thought about hiking it. I'm sure there's some brutal brush in there, but from the air it looks like an awesome traverse. Actually, I always fly from Knik to 20-mile river. Not sure how starting at Portage Glacier would change things. Maybe I'll fly it and give you some thoughts from that vantage point. I've been itching to get up in the air, so that might be a good place to head.


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