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    My son got him a new Cataraft a couple weeks ago and was able to get it in the water on the Little Su. The kid in the background is running his older one. Oh... naturally he had to take his Heeler. He told me that there were a group of kids in a couple canoes that had started off at Houston and had a "small' hole in one of the canoes. On his 2nd day he came across them again and was asked if he had a patch kit. My son took a look at their canoe and saw that they had tried melting the red Solo Cups to patch it. He got them squared away and they made it on down to Burma.... I have read a number of post on this forum and Im looking forward to meeting some of you on the rivers. We are looking at floating the Gulkana mid September when he gets a break from work....

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    nice pics thanks for sharing


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