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Thread: Coffman Cove question.

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    Default Coffman Cove question.

    I am thinking of heading over to Coffman from wrangell for the by the sea festival and was thinking of doing some bottom fishing while I was there. Is there good fishing close by. I have never fished that side of Clarence before.

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    There is good bottom fishing close to the cove. In my two trips we've found it easy enough to catch limits of china, tiger, and quill back rockfish. We've caught only one yelloweye. The halibut can be thick and we catch some bonus true cod. Pelagic rockfish are hard to come by. I've only caught duskies and greenling close to the kelp.

    Here's a standard haul for a few hours salmon fishing and a few hours bottom fishing. I like to explore so I don't spend too much time with the "crowds" even though there isn't much in the way of crowds in CC.


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