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Thread: Kuiu Super Down Jacket - Sheep Hunt?

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    Default Kuiu Super Down Jacket - Sheep Hunt?

    Anybody have one of these? Would you take it as your main jacket for a sheep hunt or would this be too much? Any concerns about the down for a main jacket. I understand it has a water resistant shell and treated down. I'm thinking for a layering system 1. Smartwool shirt, 2. Under Amour hoodie, 3. Kuiu down jacket, 4. Rain jacket. The Kuiu would replace a wind stopper fleece I've been using. Definitely lighter.
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    Yes that would work for me. I have both the spindrift and Down jacket and the down will replace the spindrift this season.

    Crazy warm and light, but the shell is thin.
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    My two sons and I have the super down jackets, there awesome and will be with us this fall on sheep hunts! yes, as a main jacket and have with you a light rain coat and you're ready to go!

    Leave the hoodie at home.......


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