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    Default Kasilof report

    July 12/13.
    July 12, South side, 6 PM - 1:30 AM. From shore. 14 fish. Average 2/hr.
    July 13, same side, 4:30 AM - 8:00 AM. Shore. 21 fish. Average 6/hr.
    So got my limit of 35.

    Boaters were doing better than from shore. Best fishing was as the tide was coming in. Don't know how the north shore was doing, but I assume about the same.

    Had troopers check my permit. It had gotten soaked in my pocket and was in about 4 pieces and faded. I'd dried it our and re-written July 12 and 13 information along the margins so at leas the information was somewhere on it. Troopers said they appreciated the effort and all was well. So be sure and follow the regs. Not because the troopers might catch you, but because it's what should be done.

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    Just got back from north bank of the Kasilof today. Caught 8 fish all day on Friday. Each of my 3 friends I went with did about the same. Slow I thought. Guy in a jon boat said he caught 11 in about the same time I caught 5. Best fishing was the rising tide. Never saw any troopers, but a few people were fishing outside the markers (or so I thought it looked to me).

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    got back last night from the north side, dipped 2 tides

    july 13 4-730pm: 10 fish for 2 nets
    july 14 2-4am: 25 fish for 2 nets

    did very well in the morning tide following the commercial opener, hardly anyone out either, i think there was 2 other guys when we started and about 6 when we left.

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    Went down yesterday (7/14) - Got onto the beach at 6:30 PM and had completed my full family's permit (65 fish) by 11:48 PM. Good times


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