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    Side Car, PN 104166 - This versatile attachment bolts to the right side of your ROKON with just one bolt. It consists of a frame constructed of steel tubing (painted to match your ROKON), a plywood deck for carrying equipment, and a sidecar seat for carrying an extra passenger. Dimensions for the deck working space are 23 by 36 inches. Width of the bike and sidecar together is 45 inches. It is a versatile attachment that can be used to haul gear and is easily removed when not needed. It weighs 76 lbs. When attached, it can carry 600 lbs.
    Single track trailer
    Single Track Trailer , PN 104050 - Here is the answer for trail building. No longer do you need to be as wide as a 4 wheeler to carry all your gear into the outback. This new item supports 300 lbs and has a deck working space of 24 3/4" x 44 1/2".

    from Rokon Accessories

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    Looks like a fish-gettin' machine to me!! And I'd wager that it's a lot lighter than a 4-wheeler, with what looks like nearly as much hauling capacity. I've seen a variety of Rokons for sale on craigslist over the last several years, in various conditions.


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