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Thread: Will 1911 shoot?

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    Default Will 1911 shoot?

    So I had my Remington R1 cerakoted here recently it looks really great however after I got it back I took it out to shoot and it wouldn't fire so I stripped everything from the trigger to the firing pin and cleaned it well thinking it could've been some paint spray no dice still wont fire so I narrowed it down to the firing pin plunger and spring whats happening is that piece is making the firing pin lock back so it wont go forward and strike the round I took the plunger and spring out now the firing pin will move freely I have heard that the 1911 will fire without it and Ive also heard people say its a bad idea to fire it this way. Whats your thoughts just want to get some different opinions before a range day and I really mess my gun up?

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    Do not fire without the plunger there's a reason it's there, engineers so not design extra parts into items, at least not guns. OK, Maybe a few safeties because the lawyers make them, LOL,,
    Could be alot of things, could be the shole package isn't tuned to itself. Often, after parkerization, pistols (revolvers and autos) have to be fitted back together, a little material here, a little there and things are off timing and out of specs. take it to someone who really knows 1911s and prevent destroying the gun or hurting someone.

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    Take it back and have it put right.
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    Im in agreement with Doughnut....a little history lesson as told by my the end of ww2,before the government started selling Mil SURP....
    The troops who managed to sneak their sidearms home had to do something about the the PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that was stamped into the slide.(It was a crime for a civialan to own one of these at that time)

    A populaur way to launder these pistols at the time, was to nickel plate them. From what I understand no-one other then government contractors such as Colt and a few others ...knew what the tolerances were for these guns back then...

    so it was easy and common to get one out of spec while plating the parts. some pistols might have turned out fine however others weren't so lucky...

    I would be Nervous getting my gun cerokoated unless I had really researched who I was taking to too. the 1911 platform is a real Finicky creature when it gets out of spec. it might just take a guru to tell you exactly its out of speck at.......Then how to fix it.

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    The plunger are you talking about is a safety, it is to block the pin in the event that the hammer is struck or dropped without the manual safety, grip safety, and trigger all in the firing positions. When all is in firing position that plunger is moved out of the way so the firing pin can reach the primer. Without the plunger in place it isnít a safe gun, isnít drop safe, canít be kept in condition one because it can discharge without pulling the trigger!!

    Someone re-assembled it improperly and needs fix it right so itís a survivable weapon. Take it back and have them fix their screw up, if they are any good they want you to anyway so they can make it right and save their reputation.
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    Stop by with it and I'll take a look. Should be pretty simple.
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