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    Anyone have these and do they really have leaking issues no reviews on line for these only for the mountain extreme bit for 20 bucks more looks liken the same boot but with a polyurethane coating which sounds like it might make them more water proof. Let me know your thoughts

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    The current Mt Guide does not have the PU coating. They updated it last year, and now just use a much heavier duty leather than the "Extremes" Other differences are a much stiffer shank, a solid midsole, and more aggressive tread than the Extremes. Otherwise, the overall boot is pretty similar. I've been using a set since late last fall. Mine are waterproof, and in fact the leather sheds water much better than the Extremes ever did (owned two pair of those).

    If you are sheep or goat hunting, the bumping up to the Guide is money very well spent IMO. It's a much more rugged and stiff boot all around, the leather sheds water great, and I suspect it will easily outlast the Extreme in shale and rocks.

    For other types of hunting, they border on overkill. Drawbacks are the much longer break in process for the super stiff leather, and the stiff shank that isn't flat ground friendly. As you might expect, they are heavy, hot, and don't breath all that well. All that comes with any heavy duty, tall, insulated, GTX type boot.

    That help?



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