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Thread: Chena SRA still closed

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    Default Chena SRA still closed

    The Stuart Creek 2 fire remains uncomfortably close to the road, and the rec area is still closed. There's tape across the entrance to many of the pullouts, and they even wrapped tape around some of the outhouses. Might be a weekend to visit the Chatanika instead.

    We evacuated twice - once when the watch was announced (I have a dog team and I wanted to err on the side of safety for their sakes) and again when the evacuation notice came through. It's been a really nasty fire, but the firefighters are amazing and are slowly getting it under control.
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    River is high from the rain this week anyways. I was out this morning for about 3 hours no fish rising lots of bugs. I did see 2 kings tho so they are starting to show up.


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