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Thread: Ninilchik fishing charters

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    Post Ninilchik fishing charters

    I am wanting to know how Afishunt and Bulleys charter compare in service. I am looking at the end of May for a family halibut charter and need to keep the interest of two boys ages 9 and 15 . Any advice of these two is appreciated. (Bulleyes charter has a discount in a local coupon book that's why I picked them).

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    I went with Afishhunt last friday and it was incredible, I have gone once out of seward and homer and you couldn't compare the three, we only spent an hour riding and the water was like glass, my son caught a 15 and 85lb fish--he is 10 years old and weighs 60 soaking wet!! I caught a couple of 25lb fish, so we netted 75lbs of fish!! My only recommendation if you have the time/money is to rent a cabin and stay on sight, we left at 4am, fished, then drove home, got home around 9pm and I was exhausted.

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    I went with Afishunt in late april. every one on board limited no big fish but considering the time of year I thought that we did pretty good. The only problem was the boat was a little crowded. 8 people on a boat that would have nicly fit 6.
    Don't know about the other charter.

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    I have always used Alaskan Trophy Charters and every time I go I have a great time and usually come back with good size fish!!!


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