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Thread: DM766 advice?

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    My buddy and I both were drawn for the Muzzle Loader only hunt near the end of Rex Trail in the month of November. Anybody out there hunt that one recently? We are both experienced rifle hunters and he is a bow hunter. We just don't know the area and any/all help would be greatly appreciated.


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    What type of ML Rifles will you be using? If you are using inlines, I recommend trying Blackhorn 209 powder and magnum 209 primers. It will likely be below zero during that time of year and you'll need a powder and primer that will light off consistently at those temps. I hunted last year with a ML and when it was really cold I would sometimes get a hang fire/delayed ignigtion using standard primers. If you are using traditional side lock rifles, maybe someone else can give you some advice on powder/primer combinations at those temps.
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    Thanks OKE Elk, We're using in-lines so your advice will be taken. Many thanks!

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    Do a search on the forum as there has been a couple of hunt reports from guys here who have drawn this tag and posted pics and a story or two of their success.


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