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Thread: DIY King Eider Hunt

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    Default DIY King Eider Hunt

    Was trying to plan a King Eider hunt this year would like to do it on my own was wondering if this was possible or if there was a good outfitting service to get with been on my bucket list for awhile any advice would help

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    If you search under this forum you will find all the info you need. This topic was brought up a while back, it should still be on here.

    I know that the outfit that guides for Kings charges about $4,000 per week. I would imagine that DIY would be cheaper, but not much. If it were me, I would go with the guide, that way you have a better change at getting your bird for all that money you are going to pay to do it. Your other option might be Kodiak, I've heard they shoot a small few out there every year.

    Good luck, and post pics if you get him!
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