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Thread: I hate Fire Mitigation work..........."BUT"

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    Default I hate Fire Mitigation work..........."BUT"

    I hate doing fire mitigation work around the homestead.........BUT it must be done or risk a total loss from a wildfire. Do you have a cleared fireproof area around buildings.........????

    On the positive side.......WOW, talk about view enhancement.

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    AGL, where I live here in Texas Fire can be a real problem so I try to keep the yard mowed down out to 100yards around the house and the trees trimmed up.
    That also gives me a good clear shot if needed.

    So, YES, one should be proactive on protecting ones home and property.
    This is looking north off of my back porch and yes those are turkeys but you can see the garden needed tilling and the yard is short , don't want no fires.

    This is to the west.

    In my sig pic is to the east.


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