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Thread: Tagged fish worth $100 and a hat...chance for $1K

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    Default Tagged fish worth $100 and a hat...chance for $1K

    Check your dipnetted fish for external disc tags, folks. ADF&G and Kintama Research are tracking reds and kings with acoustic tags.

    If you find our equipment, please help us (and the salmon!) by returning it. The receivers contain important data on the movements of the fish, while returning the salmon tags will let us know which of the salmon were caught, and where.
    We offer a $100 cash reward plus a hat for the return of tracking receivers.
    Finders of tags will receive our exclusive “Kintama Research” ball cap plus a full report on the movements of “their” fish once the project wraps up in the autumn.
    At the end of the 2013 season, a raffle will be held and a $1,000 cash reward will be paid to one individual returning a tag or receiver. All will receive (by email) a copy of the final report once it is made public.
    If you find our tags or equipment, or would like more information about the study, please call us toll-free at 1-866-546-8262 (1-866-KINTAMA) or email us:
    Flyer can be found here.

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    Good Morning,

    My understanding of the verbiage in the linked PDF is that the $100.00 cash reward is for return of their "recievers", pictures of which are contained in the PDF and the return of a tag/tagged fish will get you a hat. Either way, it's incentive for us to help with their research. Then again, I could be completely mistaken. It's happened once or twice...

    Good day and good fishing to all,


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