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Thread: Eklutna Dollies

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    Default Eklutna Dollies

    Is there a particular time of year to target Eklutna Dolly Varden? I'm thinking of a daytrip to rent a kayak and paddle the lake.

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    Default Eklutna

    Right now is a good time also in the fall. Fish the mouth of the creeks that dump into the lake. Silver type spoons or FST's are the best as with silver or gold vibrax. I have seen some nice fish in that lake and it is not fished very much. There are also stocked rainbows that you can find around the spillway at the south west end of the lake. There is also a small population of wild kokonee but they are small, in the 8 to 10 inch range. Good luck and watch out for the winds and waves that can kick up.

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    Default This reminds me

    My husband and I want to bike down to the other end and camp, or canoe out to the other end and camp fishing along the way....

    What s the average catching size there? Good fishing?


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