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    Planning some floats for later this summer, mid July to early August. I realize timing of runs is a big variable from year to year, but was wondering what the liklihood of finding some decent sockey fishing on the lower Gulkana during this time frame? Moose?...could use some of your great advice here!

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    Talking Mid July / August


    King Season will be closed on the 19th, but that is not to say you can not fish Bows during mid to late Jluy :-)

    Reds you would be hard pressed to find decent fishing for in Mid July according to my records over the past couple of years. You will find fishing for Sockeye picking up after the 1st week of August as a general rule. That is not to say you will not find fish, but your odds greatly improve starting about the 2nd week of August.

    Can't believe I put down Cooper instead of Copper LOL

    Hope this helps!

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