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Thread: Life jackets save lives

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    Default Life jackets save lives

    In Alaska, everyone when in an open boat or on deck should wear a life jacket, like this man.
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    Yup. It's up to the skipper to enforce on guests, too.

    On our boat you will wear a lifejacket. Don't like ours, bring the one you prefer. Don't like to wear any kind of PFD, you're always welcome to find another boat ride. Period.

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    Dam right. I don't care if you can swim or not. The water is cold and the rivers are fast and once your muscles freeze up they aren't guna work anyway. I always tell my passenger that if you don't wear the lifejacket then it won't save your live. So wear it! Of course I'm always smiling at them while I'm saying it. And they always seem to put it one... Something else I tell them, the lifejacket is not to help save your life, it is used to help recover your body so your loved ones will have some closure. That always seems to work as well... So just wear them. Its for your own good Mr. Macho Man..."fishon"
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