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Thread: Coopers Landing end of June

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    Default Coopers Landing end of June

    Hi! Myself and 3 of my friends are going to make our annual trip to Coopers Landing the end of June to fish the reds on the Russian/Kenai and do a hailbut/lingcod charter out of Seward. I was wondering what other fishing opportunities there are in that area? any other species we could go after from the bank? lakes to fish possibly? I/we have caught alot of Rainbows while fishing for reds but other than salmon that is all I have ever fished for in that area, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I would be more than happy to offer any advise concerning the fishing/hunting in Washington/Oregon if you happen to have any.

    Thank you,

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    Are you willing to hike? If so, take the hike/climb up to Crescent Lake or Carter Lake (on the same trail system - one is closer to Cooper Landing from the Sterling Highway, while the other is a short, steep climb from the Seward Highway) for fantastic grayling fishing and some rainbows from shore. You'll be mostly alone (maybe a person or two) and the views are spectacular.

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    THere are fish beyond rainbows worth pursueing?

    I second the Cresent Lake Idea Grayling are tons of fun mostly because they hit dry flies. Also you could soak bait on Kenai lake, the lakers are on the smallish side and bait fishing isn't that fun but its nice to put a fish in the fire while camping (wrapped in tin foil of course). There are pike in a few lakes near soldotna, and dollies pretty much everywhere.
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    Default Caution on the Crescent Lake idea

    Be careful about timing on Crescent Lake... it is closed to fishing until July 1 and, because it is a different drainage, the regulations are slightly different... so pay close attention.

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    Default There are other opp's

    If your not here after July 1st for Cresent, you can always try Lower Fuller lake--it holds Grayling but its not as hot as Cresent lake. You can always go and fish Quartz creek which is fun for dollies and a beautiful little stream to fish. Check the regs on anything you do as things around Kenai lake change as Salmon start returning to the small drainages off the lake.

    Kings should be rolling in nicely on the lower Kenai and there are areas you can bank fish for Kings if your going to soak bait. Not sure if ya'll will have a car or not, but its only about 40min or so from Cooper Landing. Theres good bank access on the Kasilof if you want a change of pace for reds and fewer people. Many choices.

    If your here after July 1st, I would certainly take a day to go to Cresent lake. Lots og grayling and beautiful--just a hike, but I nice one.


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    Default Cooper Lake?

    Or Rainbow Lake? Russian Lakes? Frog Lake all off Snug Harbor road?

    I just like camping on Cooper lake, high elevation, way back, and we just four by it around the bend and out where there are less people. Its frozen as heck right now though. Beautiful around the first of July.

    Rainbows and Dollies are plentiful, though I have yet to catch a monster, fun for the kids though.

    havne't checked the other lakes on the road however...



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