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    Default Petersburg / Rocky pass

    Hello. I have the Devil's elbow cabin booked from Tuesday May 29 thru Sunday June 3. Anyone willing to give me a ride to or from the cabin and hunt / fish a few days with me let me know. I'll pay the gas bill, etc. Hank

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    Default Tide

    Have you checked the tide tables? Devils Elbow takes a 16' tide to get into walk 1/2 mile across mud flats .......and you have to bring #1 diesel oil for heat plus all gear except tent. Good water is also a good idea.
    MOST will NEED at least a skiff......which can be rented in Petersburg........ but that is a looooooong skiff ride and weather MUST be considered, Sumner Str. can be darn rough. I suppose you could fly in,again........IF the tides and weather allow, and probably arrange to have a skiff at the cabin but that wouldn't be cheap.

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    I don't think that the chop and swell from Sumner will have much affect up at Devils Elbow. But it does suck to access at low tide. About the only way is to go in from the cove to the north. There's a trail that leads to the cabin.

    Here's a couple pictures of the cabin...

    ...both taken from the south side.

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    PM AKBoater he might know a thing or two
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    Default rocky pass

    it (chop and swell) may not be a problem AT the cabin......but you have to get there.


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