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Thread: Petersburg charter?

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    It looks like I will be in Petersburg sunday June 3rd after lunch until my plane leaves monday afternoon late. This is my first trip to Alaska and would love to get a little fishing in. Anyone know of any walk on charters or someone who would be willing to bring me out. I'll pay expenses plus. Thanks. Hank

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    a lot of the guys in Petersburg book-up really quickly. But has a pretty good list of charter captains. I would recommend any of those guys. And if you call the 800# on the website they should be able to help you get in touch with a good captain. They also rent boats and gear on that site it that is something that interests you. What are you looking to catch? Early June the Blind Slough King Salmon run should be heating up, and halibut should be showing in places as well. If you want anymore information go ahead and PM me for specifics.


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