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Thread: Heading to Cordova, any advice on fishing

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    Default Heading to Cordova, any advice on fishing

    I'm heading down to Cordova next week for work and should have some free time in the evenings to fish. I have never been to Cordova so any advice is welcome!! Thanks in advance!


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    Yes Enjoy the fishing. No reason this time of the year not to fish the Eyak by the bridge there is a pull out. There is some Cutt Fishing in the lake however not all that and a bag of chips. Lots to do up the road to the Million Buck Bridge however unless you just want to walk around in certain areas fish the Eyak.

    Some Salt Fishing off shore for whatever is cruising.

    There is a pond with access down by the cove with Kings now and again but the game is getting late.


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    The Million Dollar Bridge is only accessible by plane. The bridge at 36 mile is washed out. A tad early for silvers. Some pinks and chums should start to run for something to hook into. Cutthroat and dollies are anywhere there is water. No fishing in the Copper River and within 200 yards of the bridge on Eyak, there are some goofy regs. You should have time to drive every road in town a few times to see what's in. Whisky Ridge Trading has a good selection of tackle and info.

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    I've only been to Cordova 3 times to fish for silvers. This year will be my 4th time, so I'm no expert on the area. Seems to me that a boat is needed to get easy access to good fishing areas on the Eyak River.
    Most of my fishing was done on the Ibeck River about 6 or 7 miles outside of town towards the main airport. If fish are biting, you will see some cars parked off the pavement by the double bridges.

    Since I see a lot of local people fishing there, it must be a pretty good place to fish.

    The weather radar has been showing rain for the last two weeks so the rivers might be a bit higher than normal. Maybe someone who lives there can give you better info on current conditions.

    My wife and I have found that people living in Cordova are very friendly and always willing to help. Have fun fishing there and let us know what's going on there. Aloha, MI


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