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    image.jpgI know next to nothing about jet pumps so looking for a lil help. Found a crack in my pump housing looks like to got hit pretty hard sometime in its past will this grow should I be worried?
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    Is that on an OB jet pump?
    No stress there really, it would probably not be an issue to just leave it, but it would be easy to fix. Id weld it up if it was me, more for piece of mind than anything else.
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    I think that I would drill a stop hole at the end of the crack, would only need to be a small amount bigger that the crack.Then using some type of grinder gouge out both sides of the crack this would not need to be real deep ,but you need penetration down in the crack.When welding try to keep the weld small as the inside will need to be ground down to make it smooth.As Yukoner said there is little stress on it. Your biggest concern would be if you did not repair would be water erosion of the metal. If it was pumping any water through the crack it would not be long until there was a much bigger hole. Good Luck


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