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Thread: Sag River char

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    Default Sag River char

    Looking at going up the 24-27th of August to fish for char on the Sag. What area of the river is likely to hold the best numbers that time of year. I was thinking of putting in by happy valley and take out in the Franklin Bluffs area, or am I better off up by Deadhorse or further down than where I planned to fish? Also what size panther martin should I pack for spin gear (was thinking size 4). Thanks

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    I recall years ago fishing at the end of August about 30 miles south of Deadhorse. There was a great hole that I'd walk out to by the bluffs, and we'd slay them. Blue Pixies seemed to work the best.

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    Depends on the year. If it's been raining the water will be high and dirty, but on dry years the river is absolutely beautiful. Just fish the likely looking holes. On sunny days, I had success on deep runs with silver/blue Krocodiles and smaller silver Pixies (with the plastic insert removed.)

    There's also some very large grayling in the Sag. Dark colored Rooster Tails fished in the early evening or in shaded holes/runs

    These fish don't get much fishing pressure.
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