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    It has been fun, but I have only 1 month left in AK before the family and I move to CO. Due to deployments, I did not get to take advantage as much as I would like of the AK summers. While I was here, I got to do the halibut, salmon and rainbow trout fishing. Before I leave, I would like to experience some steel head, lake trout and pike fishing. Any suggestions? I/we would be willing to do a fly-in for a quality experience. Thanks!

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    I don't think we have any steelhead right now ( more of an early spring thing but I could be wrong)

    I think there is a guy up here in Fairbanks that does some Somewhat cheep fly outs for pike ( I may be wrong)
    You could drive into canada and look for pike, i think they have better access off the road?

    Summit lake has lake trout but from what I understand you may need a boat

    I haven't fished for either much but would like too!

    Good luck


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