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Thread: fishing in Yakutat

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    Default fishing in Yakutat

    I will be in Yakutat in late July, any fishing recomendations? I have never been there and would like to take a charter and river guided trip. Any recomendations on the guides?

    Thanks foy your help!


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    Default I fished with Scott a couple of years ago. Check out his website. There are two videos of me jigging up some nice butts. Great captain and great boat. I don't know much about the rivers. Jul,y is generally sockeye and late August is generally silvers.

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    Never been there but seems to be great fishing from Yakutat reports on this forum over the years. Now, that is a small town and only a couple of fishing charters as I understand. I hope you have already made reservations for both lodging and fishing, it is not a place you can just show up and then decide, especially in late July...everything will be booked up unless there is a cancellation!


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