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    In preparation for this upcoming boating season, I drained the lower unit gear oil from my Honda 130 outboard. The old gear oil looked ok. I injected oil into the bottom hole of the lower unit until it came out of the top hole. When I plugged the top hole, gear oil started to leak out of the water intake area. Do Hondas have a pressure release valve or do I have a compromised gasket? The lower unit is only 2 years old and hasn't impacted on anything. Any thoughts on what might be going on??

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    Default Ask the dealership maintenance techs.

    I would call honda just in case. You might have just pushed a little too much pressure on the top bearing seal and pushed some oil through, but I would ask just in case. And on top of asking them I would drain the oil and check for water after the first good run, nothing like getting bum info and having an expensive repair shortly afterward.


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    Default Thanks for the reply

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. BTW- I called the Honda dealer and he wasn't sure if it is a problem or not, but suggested I have them look at it. Unfortunately, they can't look at it until mid June. Ah, the life of a boat owner!

    Thanks again....bbags


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