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Thread: Kasilof info requested

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    Default Kasilof info requested

    I'm a non-resident, and was just talking with a resident who was wading the Kasilof - dipnetting for reds, but struggling a bit with the crowd and getting his fish. He was wishing he had a boat.

    Well, I have a boat, and was wondering if I could help him. I'm wondering where to access (river, or nearby on the ocean)? What's the access like? Cost?

    Is there a motor restriction on the kasilof? I have a 115 yamaha four stroke on an 18.5 foot skiff.

    Anything else I should know?


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    pages 13-15 of the regs. non residents cannot operate any of the gear including boats.

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    Like agp said you cannot participate other than to sit there and watch. No operating the boat or touching any of the gear.
    Running the kasilof with a power boat is best left to those with experience on that river. Lots of boulders and gravel bars boating down from the bridge.
    The closest saltwater access is the Kenai river at the City ramp. You then boat out of the Kenai river and over to Kasilof. I have never done it myself. I certainly would not let a stranger run any of my boats to do this and that's the only legal way to do what you are proposing.
    The regs also state you may not fish from a motorized boat on the Kasilof river. So be careful of that one.
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