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Thread: Spey Rod and Reel for Sockeye

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    Default Spey Rod and Reel for Sockeye

    I never fly fished much, I want to try it for sockeye in a couple weeks. I need advice asap so I can order the gear I need. What do I need? I gather a 8 to 10 wt rod from the other thread, but how long?

    Do I need a spey rod or not? A large arbour reel or is it better to go with a super large arbour? Do I reel in fish or haul them in stripping line.

    Lead core line? I am fishing a big river.

    Questions , questions, my apologies!!!

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    If I have room to use it, I love using my 11' 8wt switch for reds. I know a lot of guys who will use their full spey rig-up complete with head and sink tip, but I usually use just 8wt weight-forward fly line with about 9ft of 17lb mono, lots of split-shot and a flashy coho fly. Reds run so close to the bank that you really don't need to cast more than 10-15ft. For a reel I use a Lamson Konic in the largest size and usually bring my extra spool all rigged up for spey casting in case I want to switch to targeting rainbows. Perhaps the best thing about using the switch rod is that it's great to have the butt section for fighting two-handed.


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