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Thread: Broken Reed in 200 Sportjet- photo & question

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    Default Broken Reed in 200 Sportjet- photo & question

    As a preventive measure, I decided to change my reeds in my 2006 Mercury Sportjet Optimax 200 engine. It has about 220 hours on it. When I opened up the air handler, I noted that one petal off of the #2 reed cage was missing (see photo), Also, there was a chip off of the end of a petal on both the #4 and #6 reed assembly. Now mind you my boat seem to be running OK before I took on this project. I had lost a little top end RPM a year or so ago. I looked as best I could in the around the crank and under the #2 piston skirt with a small mirror but cannot see any trace of the missing petal or obvious damage. Do I need to go searching elsewhere for this petal or simply install my carbon reeds and new gaskets and get back on the river?

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    Put on the new reeds and go.


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