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Thread: need no-hassle overnight rough camp spot are near the spit

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    Default need no-hassle overnight rough camp spot are near the spit

    I need a place to park/camp overnight one night near the spit, to overnight between two days of fishing.

    Got a pickup with fully self contained camper pulling a fairly light boat. I'll pay campground fees if I must but would prefer to just to pull in, camp, and pull out the next morning. No facilities needed (none).

    How about that beach access right next to Two Sisters Bakery? I've driven out to that stone lot on/next to the beach; do they allow overnighting there?

    It also seems like a good bit of the spit itself would fit the bill.

    Or anywhere within sight of the Beluga (hotel? motel?) near the spit would be a huge bonus.

    I just don't want to get awakened by the local constablary in the wee hours to move.

    Any tips appreciated. If you don't want to publish the place please just PM me.


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    I usually just drive down on the beach at Anchor Point...then roll into homer in the morning, get gas, food, etc. before I launch.

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    I've seen campers in the "beach camping" spots just across from the lagoon and harbor. You still have to pay the $10 "tent" fee but I've never seen them run off a camper.


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