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Thread: trail near grant lake

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    Default trail near grant lake

    this might not be the right category, but...

    does anybody know if the trail from the seward highway to grant lake on the kenai pen. actually goes to the lake itself? wondering about hauling a zodiak over there if you could get down to the lake .

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    I am not sure what you would do with the can cross the railroad bridge from the highway on foot and its a couple miles to the lake up the trail. The trail goes to the lake in several places on the near end. If you are considering carrying the zodiak into the lake it had better be really light as the trail is uphill and drops sharply down into the lake at the end so it would be quite a carry. When I hiked in there last Fall it almost looked like someone was taking three wheelers into the lake which I am pretty sure wouldnt be allowed. Good luck!
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    Default To Grant

    I portaged a canoe to Grant Lake...was not an overly enjoyable experience by any stretch of the word. Technically it is not legal to cross the railroad bridge, so cross at your own risk. You can motor across Trail Lake to stay legal and hump the zodiak from there...

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    was up there the other day and unless someone went back recently with a chain saw, there are some down trees and would make it tough to carry a zodiak back there. I'm not sure if 3/4 wheelers are allowed but i have seen them used there. No signs arround that says not to use them.


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